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Accelerating Impact


High Water Women

Since 2013, High Water Women (HWW) has been a pioneer in bringing leaders together to demonstrate the power and effectiveness of deploying capital in ways that drive financial, social and environmental profits. We know that impact investing produces better returns, stronger businesses and a more resilient economy. This once radical notion is fundamentally changing how investors view the world and the demands they are making of their portfolios. Our growing network of 1,342 thought leaders and investors and reaches across sectors, platforms, strategies and perspectives. We invite you to join us.

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Accelerating Impact

In response to a growing demand for practical, actionable information, HWW has undertaken a dramatic expansion of our work. We have organized four workstreams anchored around four central themes:

Climate Change & Climate Justice Gender, Diversity & Inclusion
Place Based Investing Portfolio Construction

Each workstream will curate a series of virtual events. Like our symposium, these smaller, more intimate, conversations will be highly curated to offer the highest value, synergy and networking among participants.

Climate Change and Climate Justice

Transitioning to a just, clean energy

In this workstream we will review the state of the current investment landscape, including stranded asset risk and fossil fuel infrastructure and consider the economic impact of energy markets on the clean energy transition. We will identify investment opportunities using the project drawdown framework and explore how to achieve a profitable and just transition to a green economy. We will explore the new models of capital and investment that are helping enrich and empower poor and disenfranchised communities.

Gender, Diversity and Inclusion

Investing in the power of difference

Studies show that diverse teams and businesses outperform, yet investors and businesses still struggle to achieve diversity. We will feature case studies and discuss successful diversity solutions as well as investment strategies that see investment in women and underrepresented minorities as a source of alpha and differentiated returns and discuss the value of diversity in different businesses, and in technology and innovation. What steps can investors take to better address the pipeline problem? What effective strategies will help identify and promote diverse talent?

Place Based Investing

These workstream sessions will highlight the innovative developments and leadership happening in place-based investing. Issues will include: smart cities, the urban grid, manufacturing and job creation, sustainable development, affordable housing, community engagement, public policy, indigenous communities, measurement, infrastructure, health, job creation, and regenerative agriculture.

Impact Investment Portfolio Construction

Effective impact investment approaches across the entire portfolio. From program related investment to profit seeking public and private capital. Impact investment is investing, and the most successful approaches look not only at outcomes but the process and structure by which they are achieved. If impact investment is going to be successful in allocating capital to the areas of greatest need, it needs to insure that the entire investment portfolio is activated. All investments are impact investments.


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  • Testimonial
    “Good variety across different types of stakeholders in this space and different approaches and universally good speakers which is SO refreshing! I will also say that just being in a large room that is almost 100% women who are leaders in this space is a great confidence builder in and of itself. The momentum is palpable."
    Marieke Spence
    Executive Director, Impact Capital Managers
  • Testimonial
    “The HHW Impact Investing Summit was one of the first movers in the space convening stakeholders and continues to deliver today high-quality attendees and speakers from both finance and philanthropy and generate in-depth, practical insights you can take home.“
    Eleni Delipaltadaki Janis
    Managing Partner, Equivico by NCRC
  • Testimonial
    “A great event for experienced practitioners and those new to the space. It both lifts up women in the investment industry and offers content that is valuable to anyone interested in impact and ESG.”
    Delilah Rothenberg
    Executive Director, Predistribution Initiative
  • Testimonial
    “Despite the short schedule, this event is long on actionable content from values-driven leaders in the industry. Meeting and learning from so many luminaries in the space of putting capital to a good purpose. The main stage panels and speakers were full of insights.”
    Ravi Mikkelsen
    CEO, Climate Link
  • Testimonial
    “It's rare to find myself in a room full of successful and engaged women with a strong interest for investing with a positive impact. Hearing about these women's work was inspiring and I came away with a lot of practical advice.”
    Irene Mastelli
    Director, Phenix Capital
  • Testimonial
    "The curation of content and speakers was excellent."
    Patience Marime-Ball
    Founder and CEO, Women of the Word Endowment
  • Testimonial
    “High level conversations with peers, collaborating to transform business for the better.”
    Sophia Swire
    Founder and CEO Future Brilliance GEDI
  • Testimonial
    “I've always liked the HWW symposium given it attracts a large group of accomplished and sincere professional women in finance and the content has been strong. It's always great for networking.”
    Christina Leijonhufvud
    Managing Partner, Tideline
  • Testimonial
    “The High Water Women Symposium offers speakers a safe space to speak freely about some of the challenges facing impact investing, and women's role in changing the face of investing more broadly making connections.”
    Anne Amanda Bangasser
    Director, Treehouse Investments
  • Testimonial
    “The High Water Women Investing for Impact Symposium brought together a diversified group of professionals from different industries who all shared a passion for impact investing. I was impressed by the quality of the speakers and their accomplishments. It was also a great venue for networking and making connections.”
    Anita Hlibczuk
    Senior Analyst, Harris Douglas Asset Management
  • Testimonial
    "Better than Davos."
    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Testimonial
    "I do this for a living ...and this is the best I've ever been to. Just let me know how we can help next year."
    Gil Crawford, Founder
  • Testimonial
    "It wasn't just the content that was great. This event had soul."
    Big Bank